End-2-End Enterprise DevOps Transformation


While striving for DevOps excellence, you would want to: 

- Optimize your value streams by improving Plan & Govern

- Align your Develop & Test to ensure continuous quality and security

- Accelerate your delivery with automated Deploy & Realese processes

- Increase your service reliability by intensify your Operate & Monitor

all while fitting into the current landscape and trends on the IT market. 

End-2-End Enterprise DevOps is all about aligning company culture with business goals. However, when planning on an enterprise scale, first, one needs to align ones expectations of an End-2-End Enterprise DevOps approach with the degree of DevOps that fits the company best, since success in DevOps is not about being the fastest but about being as fast as possible for each company individually. We support our customers to unfold the maximum of their DevOps potential to increase velocity, traceability and profitability of operations. 

Learn how we can help you:

Check out our possibilites to provide you with tools for CI/CD Pipelines and DevOps

Toolchain Harmonization

Process Optimization


DevOps Culture

QA & Test Automation


Automate your testing.


In today's market, new releases of software application is demanded. Therefore, Quality Assurance needs to keep up with the accelerated Application Delivery in an agile world to deliver higher quality faster with less risk. Profit from time savings through getting rid of bottlenecks in unit, functional, GUI, performance, load and network testing - and learn how to set up an integrated Test Strategy that leverages Artificial Intelligence to keep pace with today's growing complexity, user expectations and frequent changes. 

Seismic Shifts in Application Testing - Complexity creates roadblocks to great user experiences

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Continuous Testing

Test Strategy

Tool Strategy

Artificial Intelligence

Application Lifecycle Management


Seamslessly integrate every aspect of you Application Lifecycle into a single Hub.

Align application delivery over a broad portfolio of software development projects to create comprehensive Application Lifecycle Management with high traceability, velocity and profitability from the idea of a new application until its retirement. 

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Integrated ALM Hub Solutions