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Portfolio Overview

Through customer and solution oriented combinations of software consulting, services and products, Kanopex Consulting GmbH offers holistic solutions for Application Delivery Management, Test Automation and Software Quality Assurance on an enterprise scale for every framework and technological environment.

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Operational Excellence results in great Software Quality

Solution-oriented consulting for IT- and Software Projects, Solution Management and customized advisory for individual approaches towards system integration, DevOps, lean processes and Agile Test Management.

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Processing of the entirety of Application Lifecycle Management, including Request Management, Change Management, Defect Tracking or Build and Release Management.

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IVV Tests, User Acceptance Tests, Regression Tests, Smoke Tests, Black-Box Testing, Source Code Analysis, Code Reviews, streamlining and profiling.

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Test Automation

We assist our customers, starting with the set up of an automation strategy,  to implementing and maintaining automation efforts. Click the symbol above to learn more about our experiences in automating Unit, Functional, GUI, UX, Performance and Load Tests. 

Providing market leading Software Tools for every aspect of your Digital 

Transformation in Application Delivery Management and DevOps Enablement.

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Kanopex Core Advisory  
Enabling our Customers to set up their own Quality Center of Excellence


Our Hands-on Mentality separates us from other consultants: after supporting our customers in their planning and conceptualization, we additionally take on executive tasks, like Application Lifecycle Management, Test Automation and Software Quality Assurance.
Solution-oriented consulting in IT- and Software Projects, Solution Management and individual services like System Integration or Scrum and DevOps Integration for Agile Test Management and Software Development.
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End-2-End Enterprise DevOps

End-2-End Enterprise DevOps is all about aligning company culture with business goals. However, when planning on an enterprise scale, first, one needs to align ones expectations of an End-2-End Enterprise DevOps approach with the degree of DevOps that fits the company best, since success in DevOps is not about being the fastest but about being as fast as possible for each company individually. We support our customers to unfold the maximum of their DevOps potential to increase velocity, traceability and profitability of operations. 


Enterprise Agility

No matter which agile framework a team or company implements, agility on an enterprise level does not come easy. There are several frameworks for enterprise agility, but finding the right approach is sometimes the hardest step. We assist our customers in their journey towards enterprise-level agility by guiding them through the three phases almost every agile framework has in common: start small, scale out and scale up. 


Application Delivery Management

For a company's business IT to drive the value of business operations, developed software must be delivered fast and with high quality. Therefore, ensuring a continuously flowing pipeline for a software project is decisive. With our long-standing experience we can assist our customers in managing your application delivery.


End-to-End Application Lifecycle Management

Together with our customers, we align application delivery over a broad portfolio of software development projects to create comprehensive Application Lifecycle Management with high traceability, velocity and profitability from the idea of a new application until its retirement. 



Our customers decide how they would like their Software Development Lifecycle to be designed. Together with our customers, we determine which approach suites their business requirements, vision and resources best and implement this approach, following our best practices obtained through long-standing industry experiences. 

Test Strategy Development

Test Strategy.png

Testing is the most important control mechanism for software quality. Nevertheless, it is often one of the main causes of issues during software delivery: Inefficiencies, insufficient speed or restrictions originating from other factors can cause severe issues during delivery. Therefore, and in the face of increased required delivery speed and pressure, a robust and holistic test strategy needs to be implemented. By committing ourselves to our customers situation in combination with our broad knowledge base derived from various testing projects, approaches and tools, we help our customers to set up such a test strategy.

Test Automation.png

Test Automation

Test automation is a topic of frequent discussion. And while it promises great advantages and value compared to manual testing, it also bears many risks if implemented hastily. Therefore, a clear vision and strategy needs to be set in place before deciding which tests of which components of an application can be and should be automated. Contact us if you need a strong partner with long-standing experience in setting up and implementing  Test Automation strategies. 

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All the above funnels down to three terms that are mentioned frequently in discussions about End-2-End Enterprise DevOps or software development projects: Continuous Integration, Continuous Delivery and Continuous Testing. Accelerating software development and delivery lifecycle with higher quality and lower risk to achieve Enterprise DevOps Excellence. Our deep market insight, broad knowledge of a vast variety of products and operational excellence makes us a reliable partner for our customers future. Please contact us if you would like our assistance in pursuing your continuous value stream.

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Hands-On Implementation of specified work

End-2-End Enterprise DevOps

Quality Assurance and Test Automation

Application Lifecycle Management

Managing Continous Testing, Continuous Integration, Continuous Application Delivery and every other facette of the Application Lifecycle
Application Lifecycle Management
Concept and Design
System integration, development and piloting
Filling the gap between End User and Developer
Consulting and managing of Off-shore and Near-shore teams
Quality Assurance & End-to-End Quality Management
Defect Management in the software development process
Agile Test Management and Software Testing
Integration and implementation of agile and DevOps approaches
Creation and review of Specifications and Test Cases
Change & Configuration Management
Method, tool and process optimization
Requirements Management
Resource, Build & Release Management, including Continuous Integration
Audits, Metrics, Reports
End-User Support and Help Desk
ALM mit grafik.png

ALM Consulting

Backed by several years of experience in the field of Software Quality Assurance, we assist and advise our customers with Hands-On Mentality. In our Quality Forge we work with our customers to provide the best solutions in order to ensure the fulfillment of their requirements and goals.

End User Support

For an application to be successful, it needs to fulfill the requirements of the user. Through several years of experience in 1st and 2nd level tech support, we developed a high affinity for requirements and user empathy. Through this we are capable of bringing software and user closer together and providing optimal user experience, even in support cases.

Requirements Management

To ensure methodical, release oriented planning of change requests, we support our customer's Requirements Management with a wide range of capabilities. We provide high-level specification services for our customer's requirements, perform feasibility analysis and provide a communications channel for developers and end users.

Concept and Design

„Zero-Click to Content“ – Sentences like this one underline the importance of user-oriented design and concept, enabling the user to intuitively work within the application. To make this possible, we make our experience in the areas of drafting, planning and implementing such usability and user interface concepts available to our customers. We assist our customers to implement these concepts with their developers, right  from the earliest stages of development.

Test Management

Whether our customer's projects are developed via the waterfall model or agile, Kanopex supports them in coordination and execution of testing. We plan and control testing activities for the entire testing team. In the areas of creation and adherence to test strategy and planning, our customers profit from our industry and methodological knowledge.

Software Testing

Kanopex Consulting is the provider for manual and automated testing needs. We provide expertise for all possible types of testing, including mobile, network and performance testing. Through our experiences we developed a broad portfolio and best practices, enabling us to support our customers in every aspect of testing.

Supervision of Offshore-Teams

Kanopex Consulting has several years of experience in the coordination of offshore developer teams, enabling us to provide support for our customers in working with international development units. We provide the development as well as the implementation of communication strategies and provide advice for documentation frameworks.

Defect Management

We offer assistance in the area of Defect Management to reduce the time for bug-fixing and to avoid the risk of repetition. With our Zero-Error Tolerance we assist our customers in detecting and fixing defects in the earliest stages of development. As part of this process, we provide our customers with best practices for their projects to reduce the effort required for communications between development team and quality management, as well as reduce the time to fix. This includes monitoring, documentation and tracking of our customer's defect management.

Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance is our core business and therefore it is one of our primary disciplines. Our customers benefit from our knowledge, expertise and understanding of Quality Assurance Processes. We assist in transforming our customers software development project to a Quality Center of Excellence. 

Deploy your software with confidence about its quality - everytime. 
Software Quality Assurance
Deploy your software with confidence about its quality - everytime. 
Test Automation
Accelerate your testing speed & efficiency - Reduce defects & increase your Software Quality 
Strategic fit in the Marketplace
Expanding boundaries to meet the testing needs of the future
Software QA


We help our customers to identify potential areas of testing load which can be optimized by automation and assist in setting up an intelligent automation strategy to efficiently allocate resources and effort. Together we analyze cases on our customers line of business for "shifting left" and "shifting right", whatever best matches our customers individual requirements.

Kick Off & Implementation

Our customers benefit from our experiences and expertise in implementing automation solutions and preparing everything necessary to start automating test cases. 


In our customers daily business, we are capable of taking over several tasks to support them in their automated testing needs: Test Script Management, Trouble Shooting, Coordinating Execution or even the complete Quality Assurance processes. Our customers can rely on our long-standing expertise in QA and Test Automation.

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Seismic Shifts in Application Testing
Complexity creates roadblocks to great user experiences
seismic shifts in application

Tool Services

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Product Portfolio and Software Licensing Agreements
Our customers value is our concern! We strive to deliver valuable Solutions, not only Products.
Enabling your project to reach for the top!
Integrating market leading software solutions in the field of Application Delivery Management for Testing, Test Automation and Application Lifecycle Management into our Customers Business Processes.
Our customers profit from our unique expertise in applying and supplying a broad portfolio of software tools for successful Application Delivery Management during and after our joint planning. We can provide you with a wide range of licenses according your license strategy and can assist you in implementing the solutions.

Continuous Integration & Continuous Delivery

QA & Test Automation

Application Lifecycle Management

Enterprise DevOps Suite


Micro Focus Gold Partner

As a long-term Micro Focus partner (formerly HP Enterprise), Kanopex Consulting can offer its customers a wide variety of solutions from the Micro Focus portfolio for Application Delivery Management.


Beginning with test automation, over project organization to performance testing and release management, Kanopex can offer its customers the best solution for every use case and user group. This includes the test engineer– oriented Unified Functional Testing (UFT), the developer-oriented UFT Pro (LeanFT), as well as Application Lifecycle Management to organize the lifecycle of your software and Business Process Testing, intended to be used to test usage scenarios from the perspective of a user.


Our customers benefit from best practices, developed over years of experience as well as our close working relationship with Micro Focus. Our goal is to support our customers not only with the selection of the right tools, but also to develop the best solutions for them together with them. Customer Value has absolute priority for us.


PPM 128.png
DCR 128.png
AT 128.png

Micro Focus PPM


Micro Focus Dimensions RM

Micro Focus Atlas

Application Lifecycle management


Micro Focus ALM Octane

Micro Focus ALM

Micro Focus Accurev

Micro Focus Dimensions CM

Functional Testing


Micro Focus UFT

Micro Focus LeanFT


Micro Focus BPT


Micro Focus Sprinter

Micro Focus Mobile Center

Micro Focus Service Virtualization


Micro Focus Storm Runner Functional


Micro Focus Silk Test

Performance Testing

Load Runner.png
SP 128.png

Micro Focus Load Runner

Micro Focus Network Virtualization

Micro Focus Performance Center

Micro Focus StormRunner Load

Micro Focus App Pulse Suite

Micro Focus Silk Performer

Release Management

RC 128.png
DA 128.png

Micro Focus Release Control

Micro Focus Deployment Automation

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