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Kanopex Consulting is a young and innovative, rapidly growing IT-Consulting and Services company. Our employees come from diverse interdisciplinary and inter-industry backgrounds.


Through a customer and solution-oriented combination of Software Consulting, Services and Products, Kanopex Consulting GmbH offers holistic solutions for Application Delivery Management, Test Automation and Software Quality Assurance on an enterprise scale for every framework and technological environment.


Kanopex accompanies its customers on their "Journey to Operational Excellence", as well as throughout the entire software development and delivery process. Further, we support our customers in the planning stages of their mid- and long-term goals and structural changes inside their company. These include the Digital Transformation and optimization, or new system integrations and lean processes. Kanopex uniquely offers a combination of consulting to help customers find the best possible solution and services to subsequently implement the new customized solutions together with our customers.


Starting with agile Test Management, Software Testing and Test Automation, up to and including End User Support, Kanopex is a reliable and competent partner. Beyond these fields, our expertise lies in the areas of Continuous Testing, Integration and Delivery. Kanopex also serves as a Solution Partner of Microfocus/HP Enterprise solutions to supply our customers with the necessary tools and systems to support and satisfy their needs in software development, delivery and quality assurance.


Furthermore, Kanopex engages in activities of cooperative research in Japan and South Korea. This allows Kanopex to transfer knowledge acquired there to Stuttgart.


To keep up with the requirements of the Digital Transformation, Kanopex closes the knowledge gap regarding science and economy between east and west. This is an additional driver to develop new and innovative solutions.


We always strive to maximize our customer’s profit through targeted implementation of our expertise and experiences obtained throughout diverse and international projects. The combination of this diversity and experience gives us an advantage over our competitors.


Through continuous improvement and training of our employees, we strive to stay on top of State-of-the-Art trends and methodologies, which reflects in the high satisfaction of our existing customers.



The four main drivers of our work

Innovation, Challenges and Change

No other industry is as prone to innovations, challenges and changes as the IT. We promote a healthy innovation culture and take on challenges and changes to create chances. In this swiftly growing industry, it is our duty to recognize chances resulting from innovations to improve ourselves. To remain capable of facing everchanging requirements, Kanopex encourages innovation and takes on any challenge.

Customer Satisfaction

By prioritizing emphasis on customer satisfaction, we can ensure success as well as the foundation for future cooperation and mutual benefits. Increased customer satisfaction leads to a healthy customer relationship. We aim to win our customers confidence to create long-lasting partnerships. For us at Kanopex, company success is measured by the satisfaction of our customers.


Mutual Maximized Benefit

We define our success solely through the enabled value for our customers. We always strive for maximized project success by optimizing the quality of our work. In all areas we work continuously hand in hand to maximize our customers benefit. This basic principle is always the foremost goal and all our processes are directed and optimized towards it.

Adaptation and Development - Continuos Improvement

To offer constant value to our customers we strive to keep our knowledge about new technologies on the market up-to-date at all times. To ensure that our customers always receive best quality, we constantly stay on track of modern technology and market trends.


KANOPEX Philosophy

We believe in entrepreneurial cooperation. Our thought processes and actions are always directed by business values. Our values are focused on mutual growth, together with our customers and partners. We fulfill our own objectives by enabling and supporting them to achieve theirs. Thereby, we can create opportunities to successfully pursue growth strategies together.

Our Customers Needs are our Focus

Continuous and close cooperation with our customers

is important to us, in order to help them feel strengthened and accommodated. Our task is to understand our customer's wishes and expectations in their entirety to incorporate them as our own in our work and to contribute to the projects success.

Reliable and Sustainable

It is important to us to continue our partnership with our customers beyond a project’s lifecycle. To ensure a long-standing and mutual benefitting cooperation, we adjust and optimize our processes continuously.

KANOPEX Approach

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Technology Roadmap and Outlook

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Kanopex Approach

Approaching to specify your needs


KANOPEX CEO, Director ADM Solutions

Mehmet Kan was born in Esslingen am Neckar. During his vocational training as an IT Management Assistant at the IT-Schule Stuttgart and the Alfred Scholpp GmbH he volunteered in the education policy of Baden Württemberg. He was an elected member of the 8th state national student advisory board as well as the 19th state school advisory board of Baden Württemberg, providing the official advisory committees for the Ministry of Education. Beyond that, he was active as the deputy chairman of the nationwide student conference, representing 16 million students in Germany to the Federal Ministry of Education and Research.

​Afterwards Mehmet Kan participated in a dual study program at the Cooperative State University in Stuttgart, where he acquired a Bachelor of Science in Economic Computer Science, while remaining employed at the Scholpp Dienstleistungsgruppe.

​During his semester abroad at the Technical University of Melbourne, he worked on a change project at the Australian airport.

​In the following years Mehmet Kan worked as a project consultant for the Daimler AG, where he, in parallel to his work, also acquired a Masters degree of Business Engineering from the Steinbeis University in Berlin, where he worked as a Consultant for the Steinbeis Center of Management and Technology GmbH subsequently.

In this time, he gained international project experiences in South Korea, Japan, the USA and Sweden and gathered further education through international Management Seminars on international universities.​
After founding Kanopex Consulting GmbH in 2016, he functions as its CEO until today.


Make a difference with us. Together with high profile customers you will be working on future oriented solutions and deliver measurable results. Combine decision making abilities with the industry knowledge of your team to create new and innovative ideas from an existing base. Be part of a big family. Use this opportunity to take on new challenges. We offer a healthy work-life-balance and an international culture, building upon Win-Win, fairness and fun at work. 

Insight KANOPEX 

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The Company: Fundamentals


Career at KANOPEX

Do new challenges excite you? Then join the Kanopex Team!


Dominik Häbold

Head of ADM Services

Working at Kanopex gives me the opportunity to constantly take on new challenges and to work with many others on interesitng tasks in an international enviornment and fast changing indsutry. My collegues and me learned to always be open to new business ventures and challenges to take on.

Evelina Ivanova

ADM Consulting & Presales

Always rich in new ideas, showing initiative for change and striving for improvement . All helpful and open-minded, smart, international and interdisciplinary. That's me and Kanopex. The great thing is that we are independently responsible for our projects, so that everyone can contribute to the whole business.

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