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Quality Center of Excellence
Quality Forge with Hands-On Mentality – Quality Assurance, Solutions and Services for critical business applications and End-2-End Enterprise DevOps transformations
KANOPEX Portfolio

We support our clients with our competencies and long-standing experiences in the industry, enabling them to concentrate on their core business. We focus our expertise on Business Consulting, Application Delivery Management and Test Automation. Integrating holistic Quality Assurance Solutions on an enterprise scale with Continuous Testing, Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery in agile and End-2-End Enterprise DevOps environments is our daily business.


State of the Art Practices | Professional Consulting | Innovative Technologies

We are a young and innovative company, consisting of employees with broad and diverse industry knowledge.

We always strive to maximize our customers profit through targeted implementation of our expertise and experiences, obtained throughout diverse and international projects. The combination of this diversity and experience gives us advantages over our competitors.


Our experts are available to assist our clients throughout every step of a project or development cycle. We have learned that cooperation should not stop at consulting itself, but should include implementation and execution as well, to deliver best value in each project. Hands-on Mentality!


Through continuous improvement and training of our employees, we strive to stay on top of state-of-the-art trends and methodologies, as demonstrated by the high satisfaction of our customers.

Team & Company
KANOPEX Capabilities

Through experience, training and careful selection of employees, Kanopex has acquired a wide range of skills and expertise.

We are capable of working with and in any development environment or methodology, including End-2-End Enterprise DevOps, Agile, Waterfall and with users, developers and testing teams.

Additionally, we have acquired a wide range of skills in all areas of manual and automated testing, from planning to implementation and execution, combined with continuous and thorough quality control.

Market Trends and Challenges

Digital Transformation is a topic of frequent discussion. It is proving to become one of the greatest transformative changes in the industry, on a scale similar to the industrial revolution.


As part of this, expectations towards the software industry have changed. Users expect higher quality and usability than ever, and there is an increased demand for faster speed to market, all while keeping costs as low as possible.


In order to satisfy the demand for fast application delivery but also ensure high software quality, many new technologies, methods and approaches have been created, to accelerate speed and efficiency and now dominate contemporary discussions. Words like Agility, End-2-End Enterprise DevOps and Continuous Integration, Delivery and Testing are used on a daily basis.

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Market Trends & Challengs
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